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Is learning Chinese one of your New Year's resolutions? Then youre in luck!

Imagine what it would be like to fully understand the signs on the road or menus, to express yourself in Chinese, and to communicate and connect with more Chinese people.

Learning Chinese is easier than you think, and we can help!

To help you achieve your goals, Chinese Surfing offers classes online or in-person (Hangzhou only). You can choose between having private classes or studying within a small group. With the Year of the Tiger upon us, now is the perfect time to get together and bring out your true power!

Check out the HSK2 online group, named "Tuesdays Smelly Couch".

We are stronger together !

Watch the video for a preview of the classroom experience.

Find a partner or classmate to help motivate you. You may find your SOUL CLASSMATE!

Features of Online 

Small Group Spoken Classe


Current News and Events!

Fun and Creative!

Beyond the class

You will have course recordings and notes to review and further digest what you have learned after class.

Community: your own group, ability to talk, share, and support! Not only putting what you have newly learned into use, but also creating a stronger bond to help the group study consistently.

Online self-learning resources and daily language challenge support! Like flashcards, access to Chairman Bao (great for reading Chinese articles), writing tasks, and the latest graded reading.


Learning Chinese is like a journey and adventure. Our teachers are also your guides and partners!

Class Timetable

See a class that suits your level and time? 

From beginner to intermediate and advanced.

If not, please scan the QR code to get more class schedules!


Classes can be held 1-2 times a week, each class is 200 yuan, and each class is 90 minutes.

One group is 2-4 students to ensure everyone has enough time to practice!

New students can get an instant discount of 200 yuan, till March 25, 2022.

Buddy price: Sign up with a friend and get 10% off.


Scan the QR code to book a trial class

and confirm the learning goals and schedule

This is thanks to the efforts of both teachers and students!

Check out one of our chats (warm-up) before class!

About Chinese Surfing

Chinese Surfing is a Chinese language center with a shared vision of making the Chinese language and culture accessible to the international community.

Our mission is to make Chinese language and China accessible to all, giving people the tools and confidence to experience this amazing country like a local.

We provide:

  • Online Classes

  • Small Classes

  • Private Classes

  • Business Chinese Classes

  • HSK1-6 Preparation Classes

  • Intensive Chinese Classes

  • Corporate Classes

And we host events every month in Hangzhou or online. Join in the community of Chinese Surfing.

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