All-In-One Health Insurance Guide for Expats in China

Something we all come across in our lives C health insurance and how to get the most out of it. Vast majority of expats in China lack general knowledge on how private insurance works in the country and what are the options available. How can you shop for the right plan if there are 300+ options available?

What Health Insurance Do Expats Buy in China?

Components of a Health Insurance Policy

Inpatient only plans cover pretty much anything that will require you to spend a night in the hospital. Surgeries, overnight stays, cancer care, in some cases even outpatient emergencies received in the emergency room during night time. 

Inpatient + Outpatient cover outpatient benefits in addition to the above. In simple words, outpatient is any type of care that doesnt require hospitalization such as an overnight stay. Important notice, broken arm or legs, 9 out of 10 cases related to this are purely outpatient care. Get an x-ray done, put a cast, and you are on your way home. Other examples of outpatient include prescriptions, different types of therapies and mental health consultations.  

These days several insurance companies will allow you to have discounted premium on the plan you currently have without making changes on benefits. Your broker/agent hasnt told you about those? We invite you to follow this link or the QR code below to get a quote:


Optional benefits are things you pay extra to get into cover. Such as dental care, in most cases it is optional and it is your choice whether to include it or not in the plan. Other similar things are wellness checkups, optional and maternity care.
What Companies Rated Best?

What Are the Other Factors That Impact Your Insurence Premium?
  1. Area of coverage. Dont travel often? Go for China only cover. Almost always you will still be covered outside of the country but only for emergencies.

  2. Do you need access to expensive medical facilities? Due to a lot of changes these years many expensive facilities are not categorized as such, example are United Family in Shanghai. Same applies to Parkway or SinoUnited in Shanghai. Same applies for other cities like Beijing, Suzhou and Chengdu. If you used to go to some of the expensive places that required you to pay extra for your insurance premium, there is a good chance this might not be a case any longer.

  3. Do you live in Tier 2-3 cities? There are options that provide location discounts. Same plan for instance if you live in Suzhou can cost you up to 10% lower compared to if you were living in Shanghai.

Based on our experience, 89% of expats in the country had experience with one of the below listed companies. Based on your requirements we are able to source the right plan for your situation and help utilize it should you have service issues later.

*And many other insurance providers
With 10+ years of experience, China Access Health has helped 4000+ expats and their families in the country to source, purchase and use the health insurance plan that suits their needs. Scan the QR code below to get in touch with consultant directly and explore the options available or discuss whether there is an option to apply discounted rates on the plan you already have.

To read the full Health Insurance Guide for Expat in China, follow this link on China Access Health's official website:chinaaccesshealth.com/expat-health-insurance-in-china


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