CEIBS teams top categories in EFMD Case Writing Competition

Two cases co-authored by CEIBS faculty have topped their respective categories in the EFMDs 2021 Case Writing Competition.

A case written by CEIBS Professor of Finance and Accounting Oliver Rui and senior case researcher Qiong Zhu won the best case award in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) category, while another case co-authored by former CEIBS Lecturer Lucia Pierini, Professor Gianfranco Siciliano, Martin Roll and case researcher Zhijing Cao took home the top prize in the Latin American Business Cases category. Read on for all the details!


Ant Forest: Starting from Environmental Protection

Best Case Award (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Ant Forest: Starting from Environmental Protection is based on a campaign first launched on the Alipay online payment platform by Ant Financial Services Group in 2016. The campaign aims to reduce carbon emissions by planting trees when users engage in environmental-friendly behaviour.

The case analyses the operating model and achievements of Ant Forest, demonstrating that it heralded a new model for protecting the environment, while generating unique business value for Ant Financial.

In accepting the CSR category award, Prof. Rui said, We are honoured to be recognised with this achievement and we hope this case can shed light on how to create economic value by solving social problems, adding, It can help business executives better understand how to design normalised, sustainable and systematic public benefit mechanisms that solve social problems and how to create economic value by solving these problems.

The case illustrates a classic example of how a business can create economic value by delivering social value. In just over three years, Ant Forest chalked up two notable achievements C functioning as a green initiative and public benefit platform accessible to any individual or entity, and encouraging users to use Alipay by rewarding them with green energy points. The case also shows how this solved a key problem for the company by delivering a social networking function, a key weakness of Alipay.

Im very glad to win this prize in the EFMD competition. This award is the result of the hard work of Prof. Rui and myself, the full support of the CEIBS Case Centre, and the cooperation of the Ant Forest team. I hope that this case can demonstrate the concept of sustainable development and the ability of Chinese enterprises to create shared value for the world, Qiong Zhu said.

The EFMD's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) category covers cases which touch upon managing demands for socially and environmentally circular business practices and discovering new modes of business which can promote responsible economic activity.


Antigal: Strategy and Succession Challenges in a Family-Owned Vineyard with Global Ambitions

Best Case Award (Latin American Business Cases)

What does it take for family firms to be successful? What are their succession challenges? And, how do they professionalise their business? These are just some of the questions tackled by Latin American Business Cases Best Case Award-winner Antigal: Strategy and Succession Challenges in a Family-Owned Vineyard with Global Ambitions.

Were very grateful to receive this award and sincerely wish to thank the organisers and the sponsor of this competition. We also warmly thank the Cartoni family for sharing their experience with us. We hope that our case will be useful for both executives and practitioners, the team said in a statement shared with the EFMD.

Antigal teaches students how to navigate the complexity of running a second-generation family firm and deal with increasing tensions from venturing growth in different markets, including China.

Im delighted to be one of the winners of the 2021 EFMD case competition for the best Latin American business case. Im also honoured to be able to share this achievement with my colleagues Lucia, Martin and Zhijing, Prof. Siciliano said.

The case encourages discussion about the dynamics of generational change, and how it may constitute an opportunity or a threat for the long-term family business strategy, and asks students to make critical decisions as the family and business grow, relationships change, and markets expand.

A successful family business strategy is a careful and curated balance between the past, present and future. Our case tackles many of the typical strategic challenges found in global family firms. Im very proud to have written the case with my co-authors, and hope it provides an inspiring and rich learning framework for students, Prof. Roll said.

The EFMD prize is the second major award in less than a month for the Antigal case. It was also one of six CEIBS cases to be honoured as part of the 2021 Global Contest for the Best China-Focused Cases.

The Latin American Business Cases category welcomes cases describing business development in Latin America and which cover challenges related to internalisation of regional companies and many more.

EFMD Case Writing Competition

These latest recognitions of CEIBS research credentials follow numerous past EFMD awards, such as a Responsible Leadership case recognised in 2021, and a Responsible Business case win in 2020.

The EFMD competition promotes innovative and impactful case writing and teaching and aims to encourage management development through a number of categories representing critical managerial areas and to create a community of outstanding innovators. Some 400 cases are assessed by an international judging panel every year.

Writers | Cameron Wilson and Michael Thede

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