Practical Chinese Expressions for the Daily Covid Test

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Starting April 30th when entering most venues and public transportation, you will need proof of a 48-hour negative Covid test. In Hangzhou, the Covid test has become routine. Therefore, Hangzhou has added 10,000 new Covid testing sites, free of charge.


To Find the Covid Testing Sites

Copy the link:


Or search (hsun ciyng din chxn), on your homepage of Alipay or WeChat to find out the closest Covid testing sites to you.

The advantage of checking ahead is that you can see the current status of each Covid testing site, which shows if the site is running smoothly, if its busy, crowded, if they are taking a break or closed for the day, and how to get here.

Let's watch a video showing how to do the Covid test!


Useful Sentences


Qngwn fjn nl ky zu hsun? 

Where can I get a Covid test nearby?


Znme q nl? 

And how do I get there?


Qng chsh jinkng m.

Please show your health code.


Hsun jinc jigu shnme shhu chli?

When will the Covid test results come out?


Zi nl ky kn do hsun jinc jigu?

Where can I see the results of the Covid test?

Search (hsun jigu chxn),  Covid test result query, on your homepage of Alipay to find out the latest Covid testing result.

From April 29, you will see four code/card (health code, Covid test result, travel card, and epidemic area verification in one page after you scanned. 



  • Within 48 hours, one nucleic acid test record is sufficient;

  • Try to avoid morning and evening rush hours;

  • Keep distance, don't worry too much

  • It is a special period, hope we can get through it soon.

If you want to know more useful words and sentences about the Covid test, or if you need any help, please message us.

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