Rules on Assigning Color Codes to Suishenma Clarified


At the press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Shanghai held on the morning of April 26, Liu Yingfeng, Deputy Director of Shanghai Big Data Innovation Center briefed on the rules of assigning colors to the Suishenma QR Code in response to citizens general concerns. He pointed out that Shanghai has never stopped optimizing the three-color health QR code rules and COVID-19 containment measures for those involved according to the changing COVID-19 situations and demands for prevention and control. On April 25, the Office of Shanghai Municipal Leading Group on Preventing and Controlling COVID-19 specially issued a document to further define the rules of assigning colors to the health QR code and make clear the specific requirements.

Five categories of people will be assigned the red code, including (1) those tested positive in the preliminary PCR screening and pooled sample testing, (2) confirmed COVID-19 cases, asymptomatic ones, and suspected cases, (3) close contacts, (4) all people entering China through Shanghai (excluding those from Macao), and (5) all travelers to Shanghai from high-risk regions.


Four categories of people will be assigned the yellow code, including (1) close contacts undergoing health monitoring after being lifted from isolation for medical observation, (2) close contacts of the close contacts, (3) all travelers to Shanghai from medium-risk regions, and (4) those who should be tested but have not been tested yet.


The citizens who will be assigned the red code are those testing positive in the single tube PCR test as well as those returning abnormal result in the pooled sample testing. These individuals will be rechecked in the single tube testing in the follow-up stage. Their code will turn to green if the recheck result is negative. But the code will stay red if the result is positive.


Assigning colors to the Suishenma QR Code is the result of coordinated management by competent authorities in both municipality and districts. According to the rules of color assignment, we have employed the data comprehensively from authorities of both municipality and districts, data reported by all districts in Shanghai and those shared on the national platforms.



If any citizen has any questions about the color of their Suishenma QR Code, please dial the citizen hotline 12345 or file online inquiries or complaints via Suishenban App. For online filing via Suishenban App, the citizens may fill and submit information in the File Complaints (button of Suishenma QR Code and check the reason of being assigned the color after clicking the Submit () button. The citizens should file the complaints by submitting their accurate and detailed information. For example, those assigned red code for being displayed as Confirmed Case or Asymptomatic Case may upload their hospital discharge certificates before we change their color upon our verification.


Authorities represented by Shanghai Data Innovation Center and Shanghai Municipal Health Commission have set up a joint coordination mechanism to verify citizens questions on the color of Suishenma QR Code and deal with related complaints. We will categorize the complaints from our citizens and hand them over in time to involved authorities or districts for verification before changing the code color according to rules and regulations.

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