Reshaping your business


Reshaping Your Business

July 23rd, 2022 14:00-16:00

Tencent Meeting: 795-666-303

Aside from rumors, Shanghai seems to be finding its way back to its active life. While many expats took a hard time and decided to leave the city, others took the opportunity to redesign their business. To benefit from a reduced competition and ever-growing demand.

Reshaping means not only endorsing uncertainty about long-term plans, but also adapting to fast-paced policies and building the habit of accommodating to sudden changes and improvisation.

Once again, Meet Expat Entrepreneurs @Shanghai invited three courageous individuals, to hear firsthand just about what it takes to become a business owner in China. This week's free webinar features guests Adina, Fernando and Alicia as they share their business experiences in Shanghai. During our round table, we will discuss issues like how to get around key barriers and thrive when others give up. 

Reshaping your Business Free Webinar is organized by Professor Pearl Wang from the Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry (ICCI) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and co-hosted by David Costa, founder of VivirChina and Xiyuan. Welcome, once more, to join us and experience their entrepreneur stories.



Founder of Tianmeis World Academy 

20% Mentor, 80% Practitioner

Environmental Psychology Researcher and Consultant

Social Entrepreneur | Entrepreneurship Mentor

Systems Thinking Trainer | Cross-culture Educator

Speaker of the UN COP15 Biodiversity Conference

4 TED Speaker

ESG Consultant

Sustainability Compass Trainer

Academy intro:

Tianmei's World Academy (TMWA) is a decentralized network of classrooms" school

concept, using environmental psychology knowledge with the aim to redefine where and how learning happens. It does so by turning any available space (e.g. coffee shops, offices etc.) into an alternative learning environment. By experiencing the different learning environments that the academy creates, individuals can better understand what kind of learning environments and methods are most suitable for their own learning and self-development needs, apply them in their daily lives and maximize their individual potential against "one-size-fits-all educational methods currently in use in many institutions/organizations.

Fernando Sanchez

Founder of Yuanshen Stadiums Padel Club (Pade/)

Building Engineer with a Master in Construction Techniques and Systems at UPM (Madrid, Spain), and an enormous curiosity for everything else.

Getting tired of the precarious employment situation in Spain, he decided to study an MBA and come to China eight years ago, two of those based in Nanjing and six in Shanghai.

Entrepreneur minded since he arrived in China, he found his way through trial and error. Fernando worked the first six and a half years for a Chinese and a Spanish firm, while exploring business opportunities.

He has more than eight years of experience in architectural and commercial design, being responsible for a large number of projects around the world, mainly in Europe and Asia. He also gained business development experience while traveling between China and South America for over three years.

Since April 2021, he has decided to become a full-time entrepreneur, undertaking several business ventures in Shanghai, from interior design to consulting services for Spanish speaking companies in China, till now when he ultimately decided to go further and invest in the foundation of the Padel Club (Pade/) in January 2022. 

About Padel Club at Yuanshen Stadium:

Pade/ Club is located at Yuanshen Stadium, in Pudong, Shanghai. The club currently features 2 Padel courts and 1000m2 of open space for a variety of other outdoor sports, perfect for events and team buildings.


Since 1969, originally from Mexico, Padel is one of the most popular racket sport, and the fastest growing sport in the world.


As a promoter of the Padel sport, Pade/ advocates that "exercise is about fun, not results". We encourage people to put down their phones and enjoy this fun and social game with friends.

Alicia Valdivia

Founder & Director of Alidance Academy 

From Havana, Cuba, she graduated from the Havana Ballet School at age 14 right after 5 years of intense training in ballet and lyrical style.

Soon after she continued her studies at the National Art School (ENA) where she specialized in different styles such as Modern dance (Martha Graham style), contemporary, jazz and musical show.

In 2003 at 17 years old, she graduated and started her career as a professional Dancer. In 2006 she moved to China where she participated in different competitions and TV shows, as well as performing in different events for many well-known brands, both as a dancer and choreographer.

In 2014 she started her career as a teacher for both adults and kids and after 7 years of teaching, Alicia was ready to open her own start up Alidance Academy, willing to pass on all the knowledge and passion learned throughout her entire career as a profesional dancer, honoring all the teachers that made her who she is today.


Time: July 23rd, 2022 14:00-16:00

Platform: Tencent Meeting

Meeting ID: 795-666-303

* If you are outside of China, please download and use the international version Voov.


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