What You Must Know About Trademark Registration? Let Us Help!

What You Must Know About Trademark Registration? Let Us Help!

A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign that identifies products or services from a particular source and distinguishes them from others. It can help improve the corporate image, establish the enterprise's reputation, become a symbol of the quality of the enterprise carrier and bring certain economic benefits to the enterprise.

In today's article, we will introduce everything you should know about trademark registration with typical examples!

1. Why is trademark registration important?

The registrant will be entitled to use  the trademark exclusively, and this shall be protected by law. So if you have strong brand awareness and plan to dominate the market, whether online or offline, it is strongly recommended that you register a trademark.

2. What should you know about the trademark design?

1) The form 

A combination of words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs and colors, and any combination of the above elements, may be applied for registration as a trademark. But it's worth noting that if you have graphics in your logo, it is challenging to retrieve graphics in the early stage, and there is a high probability of failure in the late review. Therefore, it is recommended to register the text and graphics separately when submitting. 

2) The content 

As for the trademark itself, the first thing to pay attention to is its name. It must not contain the place names. Otherwise, it will be rejected quickly. Secondly, China's current Trademark Law stipulates that the content of the trademark should not violate socialist morals or has other adverse effects. And most importantly, the brands should not be similar to other registered trademarks.

3. Which category to choose? Is it 'the more, the better'?

As for the categories of the trademark, there are 45 categories altogether, with 10 items each. But that doesn't mean you need to register for all the classes. 

Different industries have different types. For example, internet enterprises might need to register for the promotion category as they need to provide information to consumers through Internet tools such as official accounts, website platforms, or different apps.

If you own a startup company and only want to do online consulting services that do not involve wide publicity, you can apply for 1-2 core categories first. You can also apply for other categories later, but you would need to go through the application process again.

4. What can VisaOfChina do for you?

To save time and energy, you can tell us the industry you are engaged in, and we will recommend the core category, important category, and auxiliary category of the trademark according to your industry. 

Before the application, we will also evaluate whether the trademark can be registered and then give you some suggestions to reduce the risk of rejection. 

We can also hand in the application for you and walk you through the whole process.

Note: The relevant legal provisions, regulations, and standards of trademark registration in China are complicated, so it is sincerely recommended to entrust qualified agents for help~~ Contact us now!





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